You Make Me Brave


For my first post I would like to recommend this album. The joy that it brings, and the peace that flows through these beautifully written lyrics is just amazing, and I want everyone to at least have a listen to the title song. (It is my favorite!)
I love the lyrics, they’re so powerful! I won’t write them all down, but I’ll share a “snippety bit” to give you a taste.


As Your love, in wave after wave
Crashes over me, crashes over me
For You are for us
You are not against us
Champion of Heaven
You made a way for all to enter in

You make me brave
You make me brave
You call me out beyond the shore into the waves
You make me brave
You make me brave
No fear can hinder now the love that made a way

I love how it refers to Jesus as “Champion of Heaven.” It makes me proud of Whom I serve.


Too Long

Well, after 5 months of absence I am here…  I’ve been watching all your blog posts fly by, and every time I come back to my page… *sniff…. I got NOTHING!! So I decided to write a post on this moment right now – Right now, my life is pretty busy. School has been productive which is always good.

I’ve joined the kickboxing club just down the road… (this club doesn’t do sparring or grading, it mainly focuses on fitness) Ive also joined a youth group, which has been pretty cool. We’ve been going to this church for about a month now, and I worked out how many names I’ve had to remember in the past 3 weeks; 39. YES, that many. I currently have a toe infection which is really… not cool. The doctor informed that in the days before antibiotics, this disease would be very serious… i would lose my foot serious. :/ We will be visiting cousins soon!! … Hope you guys are ready cause I’m bringing the nachos. What else, we bought a guinea pig as a substitute for our bunny that we had to leave behind in Darwin. She’s an albino, and I thought what other than to name her Elsa. 😀 She’s nice. I’ll keep this post short and sweet… like a gnome…well it depends on what type of gnome I suppose… CJR Odyssey

A Drawing

I was feeling in the mood to draw, so I asked a girl, (aged 5-6) what her favourite animal was, expecting her to say something like a puppy or a horse. I was somewhat surprised when she exclaimed, “Panda!” …(I should’ve seen that coming)
So I drew it, and here it is –

Ze Panda

Ze Panda

CJR Odyssey

The Liebster Thing

Hello. Hi everyone, “How’s the melting going?”
Now before we kick off straight into the subject of my post, I will give a chronological account of my adventures for the past 3 weeks. And….he we go!
IN THE BEGINNING!! We had all the relatives come and stay with us for 1 week, as it was a pre-wedding honeymoon or something. We enjoyed the tourist-y side of Darwin…again! and it was a nice experience for all the family. But it was crazy…. VERY CRAZY! We had at least 20 activities for the relatives to fit into one week…and those plans were smooshed for various reasons…
SO leaving NT, my immediate family boarded the plane for QLD, ten minutes behind a separate plane which contained my extended family. (I don’t know why we didn’t all just get on the same plane/..)
We then stayed at Caloundra in a fancy resort, until the wedding.
Overall, the rest of the holiday consisted of spending time with friends and family, hiring a jukebox, spotting a blue-ringed octopus at Mooloolaba beach, having a party, going golfing, and more!

NOW, for the Liebster Award slash thing to “trick people into answering questions while being ridiculously happy about being awarded”… hehehe



*Cringes, THANK…YOU…ZACH….


11 Facts About Myself:

1. I am a Christian…
1+1. I don’t like Mushrooms, Exotic seafood, and really Blastidly hot things!…don’t ever get me to try that sweet chilly dip again whatever your name was!!! and I’m sure there’s a few more things on the list…
1+2. I’ve always like/wanted horses, I don’t appear to be a horse person but I really am deep down…(I haven’t really been given the privilege of having horses)
4. I live 3400 kilometres away from my home…this declares how I feel about staying here doesn’t it. (I don’t mind Darwin, but I haven’t fallen in love with it)
6-1. My dream, – if everyone doesn’t know already, is to bring others to Christ…
6. Puff puff… half way there… I am not afraid or ashamed to say this; I like TANGLED! and it is my favourite movie.
7. The REALLY LOUD fire alarm in our house just went off. I can’t hear you…
3+5. I had the WEIRDEST dream last night, which involved running from bad guys, 6 puppies, a secret room full of books and guys wearing white lab coats, a couple of friends, and of course… um…somethin’ else, I can’t remember…
9. I am feeding my baby sister her mushy wheat-bix… “Gaaarose!” (that’s off Get Smart)
1+0. I get addicted to playing video games really easily… so it is important that I play good ones! lol
11. Last but not least, I need to go eat my bacon, cheese and mayonnaise omelette. Thanks for listening.

…. NO WAY …. I have to answer more questions??!! Argh, fine….fine, fine, fine! (I have a great attitude about it! (quote from Lego Movie)

1. Can I say super cala eg? Yes I can say that word. … I used to learn really big words with a friend, in a kind of competition. Let’s say the biggest word I learnt was 100 letters – 26 syllables. I know, a lot of wasted space and time, but I had fun. I can’t spell it but I’ll have a go, (some versions are spelt differently) –
Bababadalgaraughtakaminaronkonnbronntonneronntonntuonnthunntrovarhoourawnskawntoohoohourdanenthurnuk. = 100

2 What’s my ideal wake up time? My ideal wake up time. Um. 6:00am. I can see the sunrise then, and that’s very pretty!

3 What’s is my ideal breakfast? Bacon and eggs, with Helga’s toast, tomato on the side, a bit of parmesan cheese sprinkled over it…ok hang on, let me pick up my drool. (just kidding)

4 What do I prefer to sleep on? I currently am sleeping on a bunk bed, but I am happy! Most of the time.

5 Asking questions, or answering them? I like asking questions considering if someone asks me a question, there’s a 78 % chance they’ll get the wrong answer… this tends to create slight grudges. (excluding this post of course!)

6 What kind of music to I like? hmm, piano. I can’t say I love much else, but something that gives me goose bumps is listening to orchestras. In that case, dark and moving songs…don’t know why, but bright and happy songs never have the same affect on me. But they’re still nice and happy!

7 Do I play Age of Empires? I played it yesterday! 🙂 This game is in my top 3 favourite comp games, and I have played it since the age of 8-9 or something. I think it’s a great! I could go into detail, but I think that’s unnecessary.

8 DO I like schedules or are they impending doom? They are impending doom. I prefer things called schedule mixers. That’s where everything on your calendar is put somewhere else! Hey look, it’s my birthday!! 🙂

9 What would i use duck tape for? I’m not sure about that one. I’ve seen in movies people using duct tape to tie people up, and another great use I would imagine is using it for high tech pranks. Sticking stuff back together would never cross my mind.

10 Sea diving or rock climbing. I would love sea diving for the scenery, but the pressure in my ears don’t release like they should. Hey there’s another fact about me! So, I would have to go with rock climbing…maybe.

ok, 11. Am I looking forward to writing my questions? Well Zach, you’re one of the only people I know on here that I could write questions to…yes It would be great writing questions, (like I was saying before) but I never will have the chance to. That’s ok. Rule number 4 will have to be *crash*!! Boom! Zap*. Yea.

Thank you for listening to/reading my ramble, should you have made it this far… you should get a reward yourself for reading so much…but *nut. 🙂

Praise God!

Praise be to God – our bananas are good!!…This may be a weird thing to say, but God should get all credit. The Banana Freckle Response Team rang up and requested a viewing of our 20 or so banana trees last week. Mum was very upset, for she was sure that our trees had freckle, and therefore would be chopped down. But we all prayed that our trees would be ok, and God heard our prayers. The series of dots that appeared on the bananas leaves were not freckle (the only disease that the team were concerned about) but another harmless bug. Yay!
The men were actually quite humorous and nice-going; so we all had a laugh and sold a puppy too, due to one of the men being on the lookout for a “good boy dog.”
God is good!

Let's Go Bananas!!

Let’s Go Bananas!!

God bless,
CJR Odyssey

Butterflies and Rabbits…

For Little Sister’s 6th birthday, we decided to go to the Butterfly Sanctuary, which we found later on was run by a multitude of set back hippies in the middle of nowhere…that’s Northern Territory. It was good fun, and we all saw a variety of Butterflies including Australia’s biggest; the “Bird Winged Butterfly.” (or something) 🙂
Here are some of the butterflies we saw;
Butterfly 1

Butterfly 2

Butterfly 3

We were also invited to swim in a dwarf-sabba-sabba-friendly pool.
This is CJR Odyssey’s brain thinking as he jumped in… “Woohoo…(splash) Oh no, that’s freezi-” then Brain froze. 🙂
CJR Odyssey